10 Questions

  1. What is one particular type of information that can be obtained through careful bloodstain pattern analysis?
    1. Time of incident
    2. Angle of impact
    3. Motive of suspect
    4. Blood type of victim
  2. What do all kinds of direct evidence have in common?
    1. They are all self-evident, requiring no explanation
    2. They are all something someone sensed
    3. They are all sufficient to implicate the suspect
    4. They are all positive findings (his fingerprints WERE there) rather than negative findings (the gun had NOT been fired)
  3. What kind of evidence is a gun found at the scene?
    1. Circumstantial
    2. Logistical
    3. Direct
    4. Positive
  4. How productive is a neighborhood canvas in homicide cases, really?
    1. Not at all; people don't want to get anywhere near it
    2. Minimally, but it must be done
    3. Depends entirely on time of day
    4. Very productive
  5. What should the first officer on the scene do with witnesses discovered there?
    1. Bring them all to a safe location until they can be interviewed
    2. Take their statements right then, as a group, so they can correct each other
    3. Separate them
    4. Nothing
  6. Evidence must be three things, two of which are 1) Relevant, and 2) Lawfully obtained. What is the third?
    1. Material
    2. Forensic
    3. Probative
    4. Circumstantial
  7. Applications for search warrants must be supported by oath or something else. What else?
    1. Direct evidence
    2. Affirmation
    3. Probable cause
    4. Collaboration
  8. Upon what degree of [certainty of criminal activity] is a temporary detention based?
    1. Police direct witness
    2. Report of direct witness
    3. Probable cause
    4. Reasonable suspicion
  9. Police may search "open fields" but that does not include the area directly surrounding a dwelling, which has a specific term. What term?
    1. Curtilage
    2. Appurtenance
    3. Apron
    4. Egress
  10. What scientific technique makes a pattern of metal objects visible on skin or clothing when treated with a test solution and examined under ultraviolet light?
    1. NAA
    2. STR
    3. NIBIN
    4. TMDT