10 Questions

  1. What is one of the criteria supervisors should take into consideration when delegating tasks to subordinates?
    1. To what degree they are willing to let go their authority
    2. How the subordinates will feel about doing the work
    3. How other supervisors have delegated in the past
    4. The capability of the subordinates in question
  2. What is one responsibility of supervision that involves motivating subordinates by giving them positive incentives that will encourage them to achieve and maintain a high level of efficiency?
    1. Leadership
    2. Making decisions
    3. Hiring personnel
    4. Controlling operations
  3. What does the term "unity of command" mean in regards to organizations?
    1. Supervisors should never argue in front of employees
    2. Supervisors should never override the decisions of another supervisor
    3. Employees should act as one unit when working on a project
    4. Employees should have only one supervisor
  4. What is perhaps the most common failing of inexperienced supervisors?
    1. Lack of communication
    2. Oversupervision
    3. Arrogance
    4. Indecisiveness
  5. Theoretically, job-related problems occur from one thing. What?
    1. Failure of management to provide adequate training
    2. Failure of personnel to adequately communicate
    3. Failure of long range-planning to mesh with logistical reality
    4. Failure of unpredictable organizational mechanisms
  6. What area of police work is constantly needed and is seen as never-ending, and affecting customer service, budgets, and scheduling?
    1. Training
    2. Conducting tours
    3. Discipline
    4. Commendations
  7. What does an interview have that an interrogation does not?
    1. One person assuming a dominant role
    2. The intent to impart information
    3. An exchange of information
    4. A method of verifying information
  8. In a progress interview, should the interviewer compare the interviewee to other employees?
    1. Yes, but only if that particular employee is doing very well relative to others
    2. Yes, that is a healthy way to place the employee on the map
    3. No, every effort should be made not to do that
    4. No, not unless the employee is doing poorly
  9. When a command post is established, an aide should be responsible for keeping a log listing personnel and equipment. How should the log be kept?
    1. Alphabetical
    2. Numerical
    3. Order of importance
    4. Chronological
  10. In a hostage case, an attempt should be made to point out the futility of a suspect's actions if the suspect is in a certain frame of mind. What?
    1. Remorseful
    2. Chemically altered
    3. Rational
    4. Irrational