10 Questions

  1. What does the Myers-Briggs Type indicator assess?
    1. Fonts
    2. Personality
    3. Organizational efficiency
    4. Communications effectiveness
  2. What type of power is exemplified by famous athletes being used to sell merchandise?
    1. Illustration
    2. Identification
    3. Attraction
    4. Annotation
  3. What leadership model is used to determine whether a person's leadership style is task-oriented or relationship-oriented?
    1. Contingency-Leadership
    2. Briggs-Stratton
    3. Process-Product
    4. System-Task
  4. What is the most common reason for implementation failure of an organizational plan?
    1. Difference in communication of the plan language and the outcome language
    2. Failure to take into account the impact of implementation itself as part of the plan
    3. Interference from the daily intrusive needs of the organization pre-plan
    4. Lack of integration of the plan into the daily operations of the organization
  5. What is the time frame for long-range planning?
    1. One to two years
    2. Three to five years
    3. Six to ten years
    4. Twenty years
  6. What does the D stand for in CFOD
    1. Designation
    2. Department
    3. Detail
    4. Day
  7. What is one of the five basic challenges that chief officers have as supervisors?
    1. Anticipating problems
    2. Masking change
    3. Recording employee professional growth
    4. Collaborating with other organizations
  8. What does the O stand for in EEOC?
    1. Office
    2. Opportunity
    3. Ordinance
    4. Organization
  9. What is the hazard category that includes careless actions of individuals or groups?
    1. Behavioral
    2. Sociological
    3. Biological
    4. Transactional
  10. Should the HSO participate in the review of equipment specifications and acceptance testing?
    1. No, the HSO is, by definition, adversarial to this process
    2. No, the HSO has no stake in this process
    3. Yes, the HSO has an appropriate role in this process
    4. Yes, but only if the HSO happens also to be the chief procurer (in a small department, for example)