Written Tests

These tests assume prior knowledge, training, and/or certification in the field. These candidates are new Police or Fire Academy graduates, new EMTs, transfers-in from other agencies, volunteers, auxiliaries, or others with experience in the field. This test will look for command of the basic Academy Entry Level knowledge of topics such as arrest procedures, ropes and knots, ground ladders, vehicle extrication, hazmat incidents, DUI law, etc.

Customers may specify which textbook(s) questions shall be drawn from, typically one of the prominent publishers' basic, mainstream, police or fire academy books or EMT texts at the First Responder, EMT-B, EMT-I, EMT-C, or Paramedic level.

Customers may specify length of test, and whether to include or exclude any particular chapters. They may also mix and match, such as 75% from The Essentials of Firefighting, and 25% from Brady's Emergency Care.

They may elect to grade the tests themselves or have us do it.

test packet

Written Tests arrive in a tamper-evident kit containing:

  1. Test booklets
  2. Bubble-in answer sheets
  3. Pencils
  4. Instructions to proctor
  5. Challenge instructions
  6. Prepaid return express shipping
  7. Answer key, if ordered
This is everything needed to conduct the testing.

emergency services test

Test Details

Questions are all 4-choice, multiple-choice, with one correct answer and three incorrect ones. We do not use "two of the above", or "pick the best answer", or "A and C but not D", etc.

  • Tests are 100 questions unless customer specifies longer or shorter
  • Customer returns all testing materials to us (may keep copies of answer sheets)
  • We report scores within 24 hours (customer may order scoring key instead)
  • We handle all challenges
  • Customer may specify passing grade (70% is usual)
  • Tests may be scored absolutely or "on a curve" as needed

We keep all responses to all questions by all candidates on all tests we furnish, indefinitely.

Sample Questions

psychological testing

Psychological Testing

This 185-item instrument, taken on-line, is designed specifically for the Protective Services, which includes Police, Fire, & Military personnel. It screens for four attributes:

  1. Something
  2. Something Else
  3. A Third Thing
  4. Interpersonal Relations

Physical Agility

recommend contacting the International Association of Fire Fighters for information on their program, equipment, and requirements. Alternately, many jurisdictions develop and administer this type of testing in-house.